TimberLab was proud to play an active role in supporting the recent WoodWorks Conference in Rotorua. With over 150 delegates in attendance, TimberLab was well represented with a 5-strong team, including 3 of our Directors.

Our stand showcased what can be achieved with engineered wood products; from curved glulam beams with 5-axis CNC printing, to fabricated LVL table supports, and even oversized glulam Lego® style blocks “for the kids”. Our conference stand attracted a lot of attention and got people thinking about their next timber project.

TimberLab Display Stand

The conference started on Day 1 with a tour of the nearly completed Scion Innovation Hub.  TimberLab was a major supply partner in the project, fabricating the LVL diagrid structure and LVL support beams. We were involved early in the design phase of this iconic project under an ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) agreement to assist the design team in developing a buildable solution. The LVL diagrid alone required the CNC processing of 4,248 parts of LVL to enable us to laminate the 88 finished diamond and triangle shaped frames. We utilised multiple CNC machines in the process to ensure the project was delivered to program.

LVL Diagrid Structure – Scion Innovation Hub

Day 2 comprised a series of enthusiastic speakers showcasing completed timber projects, projects in the pipeline and new manufacturing facilities coming online to service the growing mass timber market.

  • We heard from MBIE who outlined the new Government Frameworks being developed in accordance with their ‘Building for Climate Change’ program. There will certainly be a large focus on embodied carbon in the built environment moving forward.
  • We heard of some exciting projects completed; The Green School, Nelson Airport, Arvida Parklane, Auckland City Mission. And some others in the pipeline.
  • We learnt about the importance of considering all aspects of building science when detailing timber buildings correctly. Especially around moisture durability.
  • Awareness was raised for mental health in the construction sector. This is a sector in which these discussions do not usually take place but is one of the most important discussions to have. Following this session, our Managing Director has signed up to a mental health and safety course to help provide support to our colleagues and friends.

In our opinion, the 5th Annual Woodworks Conference was a complete success. We learnt a lot, shared a lot, and it was a great opportunity to network with industry colleagues after such a long period of lockdown.

Congratulations to John Stulen and his Woodworks team for another excellent conference. TimberLab look forward to supporting this event in 2021!