Cost effective Ply-Gusset Portals offer an effective solution for many applications. This economic design utilises Glulam columns and rafters with plywood gussets to provide moment connections to the knee and apex. Specifically designed packages are precisely cut to length with gussets pre-fixed to the Glulam columns in the factory achieving a simple solution for quick on-site installation.


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Glulam timber beams are load-bearing structural members for roofs, floors and other construction situations, e.g. bridges, posts, etc. Glulam uses stress rated, seasoned and selected timbers – usually Radiata Pine or Douglas Fir. In Red Stag TimberLab’s unique system each single piece of timber is graded to ensure the design values are met.

The process of manufacture is carefully controlled requiring conformance to internationally recognised standards; Red Stag TimberLab is certified under third party inspection to manufacture Glulam to ASNZS: 1328. Red Stag TimberLab’s plant is regularly inspected to ensure ongoing compliance.

Laminated Timber is also noted for its inherent ability to withstand the effect of fire. It has a superior fire resistance rating when compared to steel.