At Red Stag TimberLab, we provide comprehensive structural timber solutions; everything from fence posts to complete supply packages for both local & international markets, organising freight to wharf of destination.


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CLT (Cross-laminated timber)


CLT is the lowest carbon building material. It is made by layering wood panels alternating in 90 degree angles to each other, and bonding them together with adhesive. It is usually 3-7 layers but more layers can be done if required. From recent independant assessment, Red Stag TimberLab’s CLT carbon figures are significantly better than those of our competitors and definitely, other building materials.

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Glulam is the process of lamination that maximises the benefits available in timber construction in a unique way.  Glue laminated timber is an engineered structural material consisting of a number of graded, kiln dried and selected full length laminations. Laminated Timber is also noted for its inherent ability to withstand the effects of fire. It has a superior fire resistance rating when compared to steel. The process of manufacture is carefully controlled requiring conformance to internationally recognised standards; TimberLab’s plant is regularly inspected to ensure ongoing compliance.

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Red Stag TimberLab is once again pioneering a new era in the manufacture of Glulam and Engineered timber Solutions. With experience in Glulam and Engineered Timber since 1958, Red Stag TimberLab brings to New Zealand the first large scale 5-axis CNC Gantry Bridge for the automated processing of solid wood elements.

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Red Stag TimberLab has a commitment to provide our customers with solutions that are clearly and accurately defined; the finished product will only be as good as the design & drawing it was made from. To make sure the finished structure is as accurate as it can be, Red Stag TimberLab has invested in state of the art 3D CAD modelling. This is transferred to the CAM program that drives the CNC processor so that items are produced accurately and reflect the original drawing.

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Fabricating LVL panels into beams and columns requires specialist techniques that Red Stag TimberLab has incorporated into its expertise. Slabs of LVL are glued together to form large wall panels, beams and columns up to 1200mm deep and almost any width and length. The results are strong energy-absorbing structures especially suited to provide seismic resistance using post tension frame systems or large shear walls.

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L-Bond® Project Panel is a timber panel designed for use in various interior design applications and can be utilised by joiners / carpenters to satisfy a number of end products. Its vertically orientated 3mm thick veneers provide a unique finish with strong linear pattern. The panel is a solid timber product so it can in most cases, be self-supporting.

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Efficient and accurately produced connections are essential for the successful installation of engineered timber solutions. With Red Stag TimberLab’s new 5 axis CNC gantry bridge we are able to ensure the repeatable accuracy of complex connections. Precision cutting, drilling, rebating, grooving mortising and bevelling can all be achieved to demanding tolerances.

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