TimberLab Solutions is New Zealand’s most experienced manufacturer of structural Laminated Timber with over 60 years’ experience. As new engineered wood products have entered the market, TimberLab has positioned itself to deliver the full structural package of engineered wood products including Glulam, LVL and CLT providing your One-Stop-Shop Solution.

With an increase in market demand, TimberLab is delighted to announce plans to expand production capacity and capability through the addition of a second 5-axis CNC processing centre. The fully automated Hundegger Speed-Cut SC-3 will greatly increase our capacity to process smaller section linear product, allowing us to focus our Weinmann WMP240 on the more complex or larger section projects.

  • Having one fabricator responsible for modelling and CNC processing all products ensures each element is fabricated to the same tolerances and to the same accuracy.
  • Providing options for a range of structural products (beams, columns and panels) means the structural system can be optimised and still delivered under a single procurement package.
  • With our skilled 3D computer modelling service & in conjunction with our CNC capabilities, we produce accurate detailed models that incorporate every component and connection within very fine tolerances. This enables us to identify and resolve clashes and inconsistencies that would not have otherwise been noticed until the construction phase.
  • The SC-3 can process solid timber elements 200mm x 450mm x up to 8m. The WMP240 processes solid timber elements 35m long – 4m wide and 450mm thick.

TimberLab CNC Capabilities

Accuracy             CNC processing – Precise dimensional accuracy to 1mm

Innovation         Flexibility of form – Innovative designs achieved that were not previously possible

Shaping               Fully interpolating 5-axis processing – 3D shapes produced in timber

Quality                 Repeatable accuracy – Precise and reliable quality solutions