To cope with an ever-growing list of project work, we welcomed 5 more team members to the Red Stag TimberLab team.

Andrew French - Sales Manager

Andrew’s background, having served as a carpenter in the past, and having accrued a robust sales experience since 2003, marks him as an invaluable asset to our organization. His unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients serves as a testament to his expertise and acumen in this field.

Projects Managers

Tanmay - Projects Manager
Febin - Projects Manager

Tanmay’s background is in Engineering, Project Management, and from the pharmaceutical machinery industry. Tanmay graduated in Electronics Engineering, and holds a Prince2 Practitioner Project Management Certification.

Febin’s background is in the Product design, Manufacturing, and Engineering industries. He graduated with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, with previous work experiences from a Mechanical consultancy. 


Bruce Wei - CAD Technician

Bruce has a degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, and a background in ship building engineering; bolstering our CAD Drawing department’s capabilities. His innovative and hands-on skillsets have appreciably supported the CAD team in 3D model drafting.

YY graduated with conjoint degrees majoring in Marketing, Management, and Māori Studies, with a background in the events, marketing, entertainment, and cultural sector; while attaining first place in the 2017 Style International Top Model Competition in Nanning China, representing NZ. 

YY - Marketing Adminstrator

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