Project Description

Glulam – the Ideal Choice for Environments Like Indoor Aquatic Centres

Project Description

CREDITS: Architect: Ignite/ Engineer: BGT Structures / Construction: Form NZ

Huapai Country Club. Retirement Development, Auckland, New Zealand

TimberLab Solutions’ Glulam portal frames were used to provide feature structural elements at the recently constructed Huapai Country Club; a premium retirement development in Auckland’s outer West. We worked with the Architect and Engineer early in the concept design phase and were able to assist with the design of cost-effective solutions. This was especially relevant to the Pool House where the corrosive environment could have been a costly option if traditional connection types had been used.

We provided a glue lapped angle knee connection system for the portal frames which incorporated geometry to form the eave. With our large CNC capability, we were able to router both sides of the portal rafters to provide a simple connection design for the purlins; again, negating the need for traditional metalwork connections. Our glulam posts and beams were also used as the structure for the external restaurant pergolas to create a relaxing outdoor dining area.

TimberLab Glulam is the perfect material for indoor aquatic centres where high humidity and chlorine or salt-rich air can cause some other materials to corrode.