TimberLab’s CNC technology achieves new levels of detailing – interlocking timber members with tolerance of plus/minus 1mm.

Judges CommentsThis is a very telling example of what craftsmanship looks like in the 21st century: an extremely skillful and innovative integration of contemporary technology with traditional techniques and materials. Barrie Lab & Tezuka Architects used CNC technology for the construction of a laminated veneer timber structure using traditional timber joints rather than the steel normally required for pieces of such size. The process required exactitude and innovation. Its success was due in part to rigorous documentation as much as excellent communication with a number oaf experts. The attention to detail in crafting exacting junctures is a testament to the ‘art of the machine.’ The reference to the exposed wooden structures of the neo-gothic period is appropriate to the school’s location in a Victorian city. This structure was technically demanding, innovative and it pushed the local boundaries of CNC technology with traditional elements – all while delivering an elegant interior. SEE MORE.