'Cutting-Edge' Defecting and Grading Machine arrived!


Our new factory extension is complete! Since creating the structure late last year we have commissioned a number of systems including extending the gantry cranes.

With this extension completed we have double the available space for prefabrication and post CNC finishing works, this additional space will allow us to assist more projects to explore offsite fabrication opportunities.

red stag timberlab.jpg


To complete this expansion our new Bottene OPTI 599 Defecting and Grading line is currently being installed. This new line, including acoustic grading, moisture testing, and defecting, will significantly increase both the capacity and quality of our Glulam production, delivering a more superior product for our clients. 

defecting and grading machine.JPG

In line with this we have upgraded the capacity of the ducting and waste systems to ensure we can continue to meet the rising demands for Engineered Wood Products.  

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