It is very exciting to see that Star Mountain Plaza (Kutubu Convention Centre) is one of 40 international projects to be announced as a winner in the 2021 Civic Trust Awards.

We are proud to be part of the team that produced this award winning glulam; a spectacular demonstration of timber’s beauty, versatility and strength in the traditional Papuan longhouse which features structural Glulam, manufactured and supplied by TimberLab Solutions in New Zealand.

Spanning 30m, rising to a height of 18m and with a curved cantilevered canopy – this 103m long completed structure including Glulam portals, purlins and connections was all produced in TimberLab’s plant in Auckland. All custom-made stainless-steel brackets and hardware were modelled and supplied by TimberLab to provide a complete solution.

With early contract consultation between developers Stratum Unlimited, Ignite Architects, Grimshaw Architecture, Mike Newcombe Engineer and TimberLab Solutions; the most cost efficient and build-able solution came off the drawing board before manufacture and construction began. See More Here

TimberLab was proud to be a supply partner in this iconic award winning Glulam structure.