The NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards is a highly acclaimed, bi-annual awards event showcasing the innovative, structural and aesthetic use of timber by New Zealand architects and engineers.  The entrants constantly provide projects of an exceptionally high standard.

Wood as a construction material offers a level of versatility and texture that can be inherently challenging to today’s designers.  Understanding the beneficial properties of wood (including its resilience in earthquakes, its acoustics, structural strength and sustainability) can be the domain of a new breed of professionals.

This year the categories have been revised by the 2020 Judging Panel and have widened the scope of categories for entries.  New categories include; “Public Design Award” and Sustainable Development Award”.  Revised categories are: “Exterior Structure Design Award” and “Wood & Fibre & Technology Innovation Award”.

Professionals worldwide are using wood in often new and imaginative ways to improve a building’s seismic and fire resilience, and New Zealand projects are designing buildings to compete with world leaders.

Both local and international companies will be looking to NZ for timber design inspiration in 2020.