51 Years’ Service at TimberLab – It is with mixed emotions that we wish to announce the retirement of Owen Griffiths at the end of this year. Owen has dedicated many years to The Company and timber industry in general and he will be greatly missed. The good news is that he has accepted the invitation to maintain his involvement as a Non-Executive Director on the TimberLab board.

From Left – Ken McIntosh, Grant McIntosh, Owen Griffiths.
Breaking ground at the new premises at East Tamaki in 1996.

Owen asked us to share with you a few words from him about his decision to retire, his 51 year journey in the Engineered wood world and the solid future for TimberLab:

“After 51 years on the journey of discovering how far we can advance the horizons for Glulam and engineered wood solutions with TimberLab (formally McIntosh Timber Laminates), the time has come for me to step back. From the days of manual cutting scarf joints –  to CAD/CAM automatic CNC processing, I have been privileged to play a part in seeing engineered timber solutions become a champion for sustainable construction options. It is now time to pass the exciting future on to a wonderfully competent team who are on top of the latest developments in digital design and  manufacture.

2020 has seen some major developments in TimberLab. It started with Grant’s untimely passing in March. While he has been sorely missed, thanks to Grant’s forward planning and the superb support of our then GM Darren Stead, we have been able to establish a strong, enthusiastic and experienced management team.

While retiring from a day to day management role I will continue to serve as a Director and will maintain my interest and support as TimberLab continues to forge ahead. Behind the management team, and in full support for the future development of the company stands a new Board of Directors. Perhaps the most encouraging addition has been the continued family support and  financial expertise brought by Grant’s son Joel McIntosh as Chairman of the Board. This will be the 4th generation in the administration of the company. Also contributing value to the new Board is Bryce Whitcher – a long-time advisor to Grant who comes with extensive management and governance experience in both corporate and private companies. Completing the 4th member of the board was the timely appointment of Darren Stead as Managing Director.

I am delighted that Darren is heading up the management team. He has been a huge help to me in dealing with the unexpected events of the year. His quiet, calm and steady hand on day to day management has been the backbone that has kept us all on track. TimberLab is in good hands and will continue to serve our customers well under his leadership.

What gives me equal confidence is the brilliant capabilities that Andrew Hewitt and Sam Leslie bring in completing the management team. Passion has always been a hallmark of TimberLab’s approach. Heading up our Projects Team, Andrew brings a wealth of experience in project management and construction solutions that benefit our clients. Market knowledge, technical expertise and enthusiasm to provide the best, make Sam a very valuable Technical Sales Manager.

To all our valued customers, suppliers and the many colleagues in the timber industry and associated bodies, my sincere thanks for making the past 51 years such a stimulating, fulfilling and enjoyable journey. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with you.

It is with the greatest confidence that I leave TimberLab in such capable hands. I know you will continue to receive the genuine service, care, integrity and commitment that have been part of our company philosophy over the past 51 years I have had the privilege of being involved.”

From Chairman of TimberLab board, Joel McIntosh:

“I would like to thank Owen for his 51 years of service with both TimberLab and formerly McIntosh Timber Laminates. Owen has worked with four generations of my family and supported the business through many ups and downs. In particular, I want to thank Owen for the support that he provided earlier this year. Owen stepped up to ensure continuity while supporting others, including our family, through this incredibly difficult time. The business is now set up for continued success and I look forward to continuing to work with Owen on the Board.”


Last Friday, we held a farewell afternoon for Owen. This was attended by various industry representatives, many staff, close family & friends. The cake is indicative of Owen’s new-found passion for wood turning (no surprises there).