Metlifecare render - CLT project

Metlifecare CLT Project Credits

Developer: Metlifecare | Achitect: Foley Group Architecture Ltd | Structural Engineer: HFC Structures Ltd | Client: Kalmar Construction Ltd | Product: CLT

Redefining Sustainable Construction with CLT

In collaboration with Metlifecare and Kalmar Construction, Red Stag TimberLab proudly supplied high-quality Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) for the Oakridge site in Kerikeri. This CLT project showcases the efficacy of New Zealand-manufactured structural elements that seamlessly integrates into the construction process. 

From initial design to shop drawings and manufacturing, Red Stag TimberLab worked closely with our partners, ensuring a smooth execution despite challenging weather conditions. The ease of working with CLT made it an ideal choice, offering a functional platform immediately upon installation.

Metlifecare - CLT Project Description

Red Stag TimberLab’s commitment to precision was exemplified by their utilization of CAD drawings and cutting-edge CNC machines. The 3D modelling capabilities of Red Stag TimberLab’s CAD drawings allowed for meticulous planning. This ensures that all manufactured components will fit together seamlessly. This advanced approach significantly minimized wastage and potential mistakes during the installation process.

The results: A flawless integration of CLT floors, walls, and stairs. The CLT installation encompassed a total of 330m³, with 298m³ allocated for floors, 25m³ for walls, and 7m³ for stairs.

The impressive contribution of over 221,000kg of CO₂ reduction added to the project’s sustainability credentials. This feat was achieved by leveraging CLT, a renewable and environmentally friendly building material that sequesters carbon during its lifespan.

In conclusion, the Metlifecare Kerikeri project exemplifies the transformative potential of CLT in the construction industry. Not only has this collaboration delivered exceptional structural elements, but also showcased CLT’s environmental benefits and design possibilities. With the successful integration of CLT, the project took a significant stride towards sustainable and efficient building practices.

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EPD – This EPD covers the environmental impacts of Red Stag Timber softwood cross-laminated timber (CLT) for application both within and outside the building envelope subject to treatment level. The products are manufactured within the Red Stag Sawmill and processing plants located in Waipa Valley, Rotorua, New Zealand.

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