The Rototuna Library project by Hamilton City Council has been designed as a multipurpose community hub to service the fast-growing north Hamilton area.

Designed by Chow Hill Architects and Aecom, this structure uses large format Glulam beams and rafters to form the structural roof frame.

The structure is made up of a series of large gable roof forms, supported by valley beams attached to concrete columns at 18m intervals. Impressive 9m cantilever roof sections at each end of the building show off the strength of Glulam and some skilful engineering design work.

TimberLab has worked with Livingstone as the head contractor over the last 6 months, developing and refining the 3D model in preparation for manufacture of the Glulam components and custom metalwork connections.

Production is now well underway with the first items on site and installation beginning in late June.

Click on an image to see TimberLab factory progress –  

The Glulam components are being provided CNC-cut and detailed to suit geometry and connections; a task TimberLab’s large format 5-axis CNC bridge is well setup for. All Glulam is factory finished by sanding visual surfaces and completing the first coat of an oil-based protection coating system with tint added.

TimberLab Glulam components and custom metalwork connections ready for Despatch