TimberLab is Excited to be awarded this additional certification in sustainability

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is the most advanced sustainability accreditation program currently available in our built environment. LBC has the philosophy to encourage project stakeholders to develop building assets which have a “truly regenerative” impact on the environment.

LBC is made up of 20 imperatives grouped into 7 different “Petals”. TimberLab Glulam is associated with the “Materials Petal” (Petal 5) which aims to create a materials economy which is non-toxic, ecologically restorative, and transparent.

Declare certification is a transparency tool created to support the LBC to declare all chemical components within products. Declare is essentially a “nutrition label” for products which becomes part of a publicly accessible database of building materials.

TimberLab is proud to have received Declare certification (Living Building Challenge Red List Approved & Living Building Challenge Compliant) for 2 products; H1.2 Glulam for interior use, and H3.2 MCA Glulam for exterior use.

TimberLab’s Licenses and Certificates can be viewed here

Wood is, by far, the world’s most sustainable building material. Sustainable forestry practices and certification in New Zealand means that vast quantities of timber can be used in construction materials to create long-term carbon sinks, which continue to grow day by day.  Instead of sending this material overseas as low value logs, TimberLab is committed to producing value-added timber solutions in the way of engineered timber structures as an environmental alternative to concrete and steel.