Consultants: Blankspace Architectural / BCD Group / Offsite Design

Construction of these large, 30m span Glulam portal frames has been progressing quickly in Tuvalu. The local carpenters and site team have erected all the main portals, having completed the knee and apex joints on site.

The end wall and lower roof framing is well underway and infill framing, shear walls and purlins will follow to complete the structure.

Completing the portals is a great accomplishment, given the limited lifting & access options available on the island.

The main connections were all designed with this in mind; simple but effective. Quick-connect portal knee joints and splice hubs with factory-set epoxy rods allowed the rafters to be ground assembled then lifted onto columns and fixed off very quickly to reduce time with loads suspended in the air.

TimberLab have also just shipped to site a full roofing and rainwater package.

Sourced from NZ manufacturers to assist the project, these goods will arrive in Tuvalu soon and this will allow the building to be closed in.


A final shipment of TG+V ceiling linings is yet to be freighted which will complete the project.

We are looking forward to seeing the finished development, adding another great community project to our portfolio of works in the region.