CLT Project Description

Red Stag TimberLab is proud to be a part of the significant residential Fair Acres Townhouses project, on Balrickard Way. The CLT project is based in Palmerston North.

Drafting of the 3D model has been completed and approved. Red Stag TimberLab have been shipping high-quality Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Floors, Walls, Roof, and Stairs to Blocks A and B of the Fair Acres Townhouses to the site since October 2021.

Below are the 3D models for Blocks A and B of the residential townhouses…

Block A

render of a clt project balrickard wayB.jpg

Block B

render of a clt project balrickard way block A.jpg

The final load of CLT for Blocks A & B was delivered on the 31st of March 2023. Currently, the on-site team is working on the construction. 

We supplied a mixture of visual and non-visual grade finishes, with the visual grade finish treated with clear H1.2 Boron.

We anticipate the successful completion of the CLT project. This will serve as another excellent addition to our portfolio of community projects in the region.

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