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Since 1958, we at Red Stag TimberLab Ltd have been producing a full range of Glulam options, as well as fabricated LVL structural solutions, in compliance with the strict requirements of internationally recognised codes and standards (AS/NZS1328.1 & AS5068) See licenses

Specialised plant and equipment have been developed to enable the efficient production of high quality timber engineered solutions. The Company’s 5 axis CNC Gantry means we are able to offer specialist detailing and extremely efficient processing and finishing of complex timber structures.

Red Stag TimberLab is NZ’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of Glulam building systems; complete midfloor packages, Glulam projects with arches, portals, bridges, long span beams and multi-storey fabricated LVL structures.

We are pleased to be able to provide cost and time-effective assistance to our clients.

Red Stag TimberLab's Distinction

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) – If your project contains unique features; is complex or large scale, then we can help with a solution. We provide advice on design and cost saving options for the engineered timber elements, working closely with consultants. We develop accurate 3D models, in coordination with the architect and engineer at early design stage, removing the need for multiple models which saves on cost and time throughout the project.

Commitment to Quality – Quality of production and service has always been a priority of Red Stag TimberLab. Having been involved in the development of manufacturing standards since the 1970s, Red Stag TimberLab is certified under Bureau Veritas third party inspection complying with the strict requirements of ASNZS1328 & AS 5068 for Glulam & Finger Jointing. 

Superior Grading Capabilities – Red Stag TimberLab uses sonic testing of all timber to ensure strength and stiffness meets the requirements demanded in an engineered timber product for correct deflection and performance.

CAD Drawing and Engineering – Red Stag TimberLab has in-house drawing capabilities for specialised engineered timber solutions and can provide engineering assistance if required.

Versatility – With our purpose-built facility, we can produce timber members of  Any length – Any shape – Any size.

Certified Renewable Resource. Red Stag TimberLab is Licensed to provide FSC- Certified, Chain of Custody product ensuring strict compliance with environmental standards See Certification

Innovative Solutions. Red Stag TimberLab is equipped with specialised plant and equipment enabling the processing of material up to 2m wide and 300mm thick. With the introduction of NZ’s first 5 axis CNC Bridge processing machine we can accurately profile detailed timber elements with multiple facets up to 35m long and 4m wide See Red Stag TimberLab Processing Hub

We welcome your business; with the combination of resources and effective response to the growth of engineered timber in construction.