Pre-Detailed Posts

Data Sheet


Glulam posts offer a stable and attractive option for pergola / verandah posts, glazing mullions or internal support columns.

When a high level of finish is required, hidden connections are typically requested but accurate detailing can be difficult and time-consuming to achieve on site.

By pre-detailing the bases of posts / columns to suit connections, we can achieve a consistently high level of finish and reduce build time.


All Posts sizes can be detailed to suit the majority of readily available brackets; ranges like Bowmac, etc.

Stock posts, if available can be detailed and ready for dispatch ideally within 5 working days (up to 10 days for custom made posts that we make specifically for your project).

Treatment options available to suit all applications including H1.2, H3.2 CCA, H5 CCA (minimum quantities apply).


Additional detailing can be provided to suit the needs of your end-product.

  • Central (hidden) rebates for wiring / cables.
  • Chamfered and stop chamfered corners
  • Bevelled tops.
  • Micropro MCQ treatment options.
  • Countersunk bolt heads with timber plugs.

All posts come coated with a temporary sealer / stabilizer; further protective coatings including stains can be applied on site.