Project Description


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


CREDITS: Broadway Malyan

Building on their past reputation for inventive Glulam designs, TimberLab was able to demonstrate its ability to produce a structure with the flare and modernity that matched the architectural concept created by UK designers, Broadway Malyan. Two intertwining trapezoids with curved corners are supported on turned Glulam columns up to 10m long. With glazed sidewalls the building has a transparent appearance exposing the curved Glulam portal frames like the ribs of a wooden galley. This large two storey over-water restaurant originally sat on reclaimed sand but once construction was near completion the sand was sucked back to sea to reveal the “floating” structure sitting atop concrete piles.

AWARDS: NZ Wood Timber Design Awards 2010, Highly Commended – Commercial Engineering Excellence / Clever Wood Solution Award.