Project Description


Auckland, New Zealand

Project Description

CREDITS: Architectural Design: Ministry of Architecture+Interiors –  / Engineers: BGT Structures / Specialist Timber Design: Kirk Roberts Consulting / Contractor: Argon Construction

Large tree-like Glulam columns manufactured by TimberLab, form the main feature of the entry atrium at Rawhiti Retirement Village. The column’s unique design that mimics the form of trees, give the space a look and feel of being in a tree-lined lane-way, as the branches reach up to support the timber-lined ceiling. The exterior Glulam columns at each end were closely colour matched to the internal columns by using H3.2 Micro pro treatment.

TimberLab worked with the design team using 3D modelling to refine the connection design and test build-ability. Once the design was finalised, our expert manufacturing team produced the Glulam, CNC detailed all components and prefabricated the “cruciform” columns ready for site installation. They were then handled with great care by the skilled carpentry team at Argon Construction.

All custom-made stainless-steel brackets and hardware were modelled and supplied by TimberLab to provide a complete solution.

Architecture and Design Awards 2020 - Best International Design