Project Description


Project Description

CREDITS:  Architect: Hyder/Arcadis, Dubai / Engineer – mlb consulting

From the early days of the Jumeirah Beach Club back in 1993, the Holford / Hyder / Arcadis consultancy group have been pioneers in incorporating Glulam structures in their innovative designs in the Middle East. TimberLab, has been actively producing Glulam solutions for these projects in the Middle East now for over 20 years.

When considering the main entrance feature for the new City Centre complex in the Emirate of Fujairah, the architects drew attention to the main entrance with skyward-reaching Glulam arches. Towering 16m in the air, these arches form part of the structural canopy that welcomes shoppers into the busy centre.

Leading into the main entrance is a colonnade of Glulam shade structures. Six years on from their original installation, these timber structures have proven their long-term durability which use specially treated NZ Pine. The greenery growing over them enhances the attraction of natural materials combining timber with stone and living foliage.