Project Description

Dairy Flat, Auckland, New Zealand

Project Description

CREDITS: Architectural: Collingridge and Smith Architects (UK) Ltd / Engineering: Markplan Consulting Ltd / Building: LEP Construction

TimberLab was selected by LEP Construction to supply the Glulam for the curved main entrance canopy roof as well as several other canopy roofs to the playground side of this development. Detailing so many complex and varied parts and ensuring consistency throughout would normally be quite an undertaking but was fairly effortless with TimberLab’s Hundegger SC3 CNC machine.

With the geometric design and because some parts were set plumb whilst others are perpendicular to the roof plane, a large amount of different component types were necessary; in total we manufactured 637 members of 236 different designs.

Essential to guaranteeing all these members were correct, was the development of an accurate 3D model that combined all structural steel and other interfacing components. This in turn, ensured all cut geometry and connection detailing was accurate and coordinated.

The Hundegger’s ability to combine smart material handling features with 5-axis tool capability is perfectly suited to processing large volumes of smaller (8m long and under) components with complex end cuts. The addition of this extra machine in 2019 allows TimberLab to reduce costs and lead times for clients with these challenging projects.