Project Description


Project Description

CREDITS:  Architect: Scott Tallon & Aecom ME / Engineers: Gulf House Engineering & mlb consulting

In describing the brief for this important facility, the Architects stated, “the brief envisaged a serene and relaxed facility which would offer a patient experience more akin to a high-end leisure resort than a hospital. This high standard of design and finish was still required to achieve compliance with the latest international standards in the design of clinical spaces and maternity services.”

TimberLab Solutions Ltd was called on to complete the engineering design, manufacture and installation of the complex roof that forms the central Atrium feature.

With curves in every direction – in elevation and in plan – TimberLab’s 3D computer modelling skills were needed to accurately define the detailed inter-relationship of these variable members. Because of the concave shape of the ridge, each arch across the Atrium had a different span, different rise, different plumb and different bevel. The end walls were curved in both plan and elevation, requiring double curvature. CNC processing on TimberLab’s 5 Axis machine was able to achieve the level of accuracy needed for this prefabricated structure that was shipped from the plant in Auckland to site in Bahrain. Once arriving on site, careful supervision saw the individual elements assembled, achieving the attractive roof space of this Maternity Hospital Atrium. TimberLab is proud to have been involved in this achievement that helped bring the Architect’s vision to reality.