Project Description


 Christchurch, New Zealand

Project Description

CREDITS: Designer: Aurecon / Contractor: Corbel Construction Ltd

Another school building taking advantage of the benefits of engineered timber.

TimberLab is at the forefront of producing this new trend in Educational buildings. Designed by Aurecon, Shirley Primary features fully exposed, large section, fabricated LVL members. TimberLab took the raw billets and turned them into fully detailed and finished portal frames.

Image No. 1 shows the raw billets being inspected and prepared for fabricating into the 15.5m long rafters, 800mm deep and 135mm wide.

All pre-detailed and factory prefabricated (Image No. 2); the finished elements are quickly assembled on site with no site trimming or waste. Once installed, no further work is required.

With all the fit out completed (Image No. 3), the TimberLab portal frames help create a natural warm learning environment.

As a recent Austrian study concludes…

“along with benefits such as speedy construction, sustainability and aesthetics, the long-term effects of timber on health and well-being were largely positive. From the results of the study, it would suggest that timber can help reduce stress levels and create healthy educational environments.”