Project Description

Complex Glulam Canopy Roof

Muscat, Oman

Project Description

CREDITS: LOM Architecture, London / Ibrahim Jaidah, Oman
Precise CNC prefabrication of hundreds of components; shipped to site from New Zealand

Whether seen from below or above, the impressive entrance canopy to the new Head Office of the National Bank of Oman in Muscat, affords a fresh welcoming tree-like shade to this new, imposing structure.

TimberLab Solutions was proud to undertake the manufacture and prefabrication of the complex Glulam canopy roof which was designed by LOM Architecture of London and accomplished by Ibrahim Jaihad in Oman.

The design incorporates traditional mountain landscape materials distinctive to Oman. Natural stone features at the base and is carried into the upper levels, set between precast panels. Adding to the natural materials and old traditions of timber in Oman, the shade of the entrance canopy is achieved using a modern form with distinctive Glulam members. Supported on round trunk-like columns, the Glulam members branch out in complex geometries reflecting the fronds of nearby palm trees.