Project Description

New Brighton’s Hot Pools by the Sea, Christchurch, New Zealand

Project Description

CREDITS: Architectural: AW Architects / Engineering: Beca / Building: Apollo Projects

The Project
He Puna Taimoana in New Brighton accommodates five hot saltwater pools, a cold-water plunge pool, steam and sauna rooms, and an on-site café.

TimberLab was proud to supply all glulam portal frames and roof components. A key architectural feature is the large glulam portals across the entrance to the building which draws people in.

With all glulam exposed, careful attention to detail was required to ensure each and every slot, hole and cut was perfect. Offsite Design completed the accurate 3D model on our behalf allowing for careful co-ordination with other trades. Each timber member was CNC fabricated from the BIM model to millimetre accuracy to ensure all components fitted perfectly together onsite.

The timber used for glulam members was sustainably grown NZ Pinus Radiata, treated to H3.2 and with a CD50 protective coating system.

He Puna Taimoana is another great example where the use of structural timber elements adds to the architectural design. This facility will be a great asset for the whole Christchurch community.

TimberLab Glulam – The Perfect Material for Indoor Aquatic Centres
The corrosive resistance of Glulam, its strong lightweight capabilities and the natural attraction of timber, make this an ideal construction material for swimming pool enclosures.

Timber is an ideal choice for use in harsh environments where conditions would cause corrosion to other materials, such as steel. These include marine environments, indoor aquatic centres, fertiliser plants or other manufacturing facilities where the industrial process emits airborne contaminants that can be corrosive to steel.

TimberLab Glulam which is made from NZ grown Radiata pine is the ideal choice for timber components in these environments as it can be treated to H3.2, a full penetration treatment system providing resistance against fungal attack (rot). When combined with a moisture resistant glue-like Resorcinol, it can provide a structure capable of lasting 50 years plus, in the harshest of environments. TimberLab has been involved in many swimming pool complexes over our many years of manufacturing Engineered Timber Structures. See More Here


Canterbury Architecture Awards 2021 – Winner Public Architecture