QuickSpan Panel

Data Sheet


Red Stag TimberLab QuickSpan Flooring Panel is a cost-effective solution to provide rapidly installed floors for both commercial and residential application.

The efficient engineered design allows for long unsupported spans whilst maintaining minimal overall floor depth for effective use of space.

Long length, lightweight panels ensure speed of construction.

Panels have simple lapped or spline joints for ease of installation which are screw-fixed to achieve diaphragm action. The cavity within the Cassette option can be used for services and/or thermal insulation and for the Slab option, thermal insulation can be factory-fixed to the underside.

QuickSpan Small Span Floors
Solid cross-banded LVL (Hyspan) with optional 50mm insulation fixed to the underside.

1200mm wide standard module. Any length up to 13m. Suitable for span requirements up to 3.15m.



QuickSpan Large Span Floors

LVL (Hyspan) top and bottom skins, laminated to timber joists with optional insulation between.

1200mm standard module. Any length up to 13m. Suitable for spans greater than 3.15m.


Panels are made on a per-project basis to suit specific requirements. Typical panels are 1200 mm wide with end panels custom-made to suit the layout. Panels can be produced in lengths of up to 13m.

QuickSpan Slab
QuickSpan Cassette

Span Tables

Floor spans governed by long-term deflection L/400 or strength, roof spans governed by L300.
* These limits on spans have been set up to reduce floor liveliness. Floor dynamics is a complex consideration and experience shows that floor spans based on strength & static load deflection limits alone can be unacceptably lively.

Span tables are indicative only and should not be relied upon for detailed design. QuickSpan panels are subject to specific design to be carried out by a suitably qualified structural engineer.

QuickSpan Benefits

Reduced Risk Easily established on any site (flat or sloped) and in remote locations. Cost structure is therefore consistent across all topographies and site locations with low geotechnical risk.
Light Weight QuickSpan panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio. The significant reduction in self-weight reduces gravity loading on the foundation and seismic bracing demand. Light weight panels are rapidly installed to minimize crane time and site program.
Seismic Performance Following an earthquake event, QuickSpan ground floor system can be easily re-levelled.
Flood Raised ground floor system protects flood-prone dwellings. Flood water can flow under dwelling and if necessary, drainage systems can be installed. Future insurance benefits may exist with sea-level rise.
Thermal Thermal performance of QuickSpan can be designed to be significantly greater than the minimum requirements of the NZ Building Code.
Accuracy Panels are factory-manufactured to fine tolerances of ±0.5mm; no remedial work required, or site waste generated.
Construction Speed 1200 mm wide QuickSpan modules can be lifted and fixed at a rate of approximately 35 panels per day. Frames can be erected on the timber platform as soon as panels are fixed (no curing time necessary).
Safety QuickSpan floor system ensures building gets out of the ground quickly and becomes an immediate and safe working platform.
Truck Movements Fewer truck deliveries required compared with traditional building systems and there is no waste generated on the building site which requires later removal.
Weather Risk Being a dry trade, which is easily installed; there is no dependence on weather.