Prefabrication of Engineered Timber

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Prefabrication Means Different Things to Different People

  • Pre-detailed components (partial or fully detailed).
  • Pre-assembled sections / frames for part of or all of a structure with pre-detailed modular components.
Factory-detailed Components
Glulam Pre-fitted with Metalwork
Pre-assembled Roof Section / Frame

The aim of all versions of prefabrication / modular building is to be efficient in construction time, have improved quality control and be cost-effective.

Clever design and a collaborative approach are what we believe to be the keys to utilising all the benefits prefabrication has to offer. The following essential elements will achieve this: –

  • Early engagement between designers, fabricators and installers; allowing the required timeline for the added upfront work required in the pre-production phase.
  • A single coordinator to manage the various manufacturers’ drawings through the approval process; often using several prefabricated systems from different suppliers.
  • Creation of accurate 3D computer models and utilising them for CNC manufacture and stringent product coordination and review / approval systems. 3D modelling can also assist in ensuring real world tolerances are accounted for, making sure the onsite assembly is efficient and accurate without the need for costly rework and adjustments on site.


Benefits of Having Red Stag TimberLab Assist with Prefabrication on Your Next Project

  • Reduces construction time on site – associated cost savings / earlier client handover.
  • Greater control over accuracy and consistency of detailing, especially when utilising CNC technology.
  • More thorough shop drawing for approval process giving designers greater control.
  • Cost of completing joint details with difficult geometry is reduced with CNC.
  • More complex detailing can be designed and achieved.
  • Coordination between trades is easier / better with 3D models.
  • Potential connections / interfaces that are clashing with other components are worked out before    manufacture / installation.
  • Test assemblies and prototypes can be made for approval.


Factory-built Bridge
Factory-assembled Canopy Roof Section
Pre-assembled Components with Factory-fitted Brackets
Factory-assembled Canopy Roof Section