If your beam is going to be used in a situation where appearance is important – Appearance Grade A should be specified. Grade B is intended for use where appearance is important but a planed finish is acceptable. Grade C is intended for use in applications where appearance is not important.
Grade A glulam has all surface voids filled or repaired. Occasional cracked knots and minor surface checking is permitted.

Many treatment systems incorporate a dye for product identification purposes and care must be taken to specify treatments which do not impact visual appearance.

All surfaces shall be sanded to a 60-grit finish. It is likely that surfaces will require a light sand onsite prior to the application of final finishes.

Edges can be profiled square, arrised (3mm) or quarter rounded (6mm). Ensure edge profile is specified when ordering glulam. If no profile is specified, an arrised edge will be assumed.

Premium Grade
is also available for higher levels of finish, such as furniture or joinery items. Specification for Premium Grade is to be agreed on a case-by-case basis and additional costs will be applicable based on specification. If there is no specification provided at the time of pricing, Grade A will be assumed.