Knee Portals -Prefabrication

data Sheet

Factory Glued Components - the Versatility of Angle Knee Jointing System

Red Stag TimberLab have been prefabricating portals using the angle knee methods for several decades; traditionally this has been a single leg and rafter to form a gable shaped roof.

More recently, we have completed several variances on this to make the system workable with assorted designs.

As always with the angle knee system, these portals are attractive to look at and efficient to install. They also perform well on cost when compared to typical portal joints with steel plates and bolts or gussets.

Traditional Angle Knee Portal
Angle Knee with allowance for Highlight Glazing
Added Eave Overhang and / or Curved Rafter


Components can generally be tapered to reduce depth at base of column and apex of rafters if desired for aesthetic reasons.

Size is only limited by transport. If load width can be kept under 3m, then the transportation costs are minimally different than
carting a standard load of components
(3.0m maximum before piloted wide loads are required).